Three quarters of organizations “to rethink office work”

According to a new survey from Poly, more than three-quarters of organizations plan to redesign their “desktop experience” to include more open spaces, collaboration spaces, socializing spaces and quiet zones.

Meanwhile, only 19% expect staff to return to the office full-time,

These findings come from a survey of 2,500 business decision makers around the world that was conducted for a Recruit, Retain and Grow report published by Poly this week.

Other key findings of the report include:

  • 81% of organizations allow some degree of flexibility: on average, employees are invited to come in three days a week, with Wednesday being the most popular day to come to the office.
  • Nearly three-quarters (72%) of organizations say they have seen an increase in productivity since the launch of hybrid working, with an average increase in productivity of 27%
  • 58% of organizations experienced higher staff turnover during the pandemic
  • Less than half of organizations (48%) are fully prepared for the future of hybrid working, while 37% are only prepared for the short term
  • However, almost half of organizations (49%) believe there is an unhealthy culture of overwork within their organization

“Companies are aware that their hybrid work strategy is key to retaining and attracting talent. While business continuity was top of mind for many companies when the pandemic first hit, now they must focus on creating a hybrid work environment that puts employees first, or risk stranding them. lose to competitors,” said Paul Clark, EMEA general manager at Poly.

For more information: Poly: report on recruitment, retention and growth.

Jose C. Birney