Stress tests for office work?

I’m curious if anyone knows of any videos or articles discussing stress testing for typical office work environments.

Note: I’m aware that everyone and their dog knows the M2 can handle regular office work. I just think people might be curious to see the numbers.

Rather than benchmark tests or video file export tests, which mean nothing to an ordinary office worker, I was wondering if anyone had tried opening all Office applications at once with large files Excel, then adding a few Adobe apps, then maybe a broadcast window, or a big download going on, etc.

The end result could show people in the market for an MBA how they perform at tasks they are more familiar with; a more relevant frame of reference. “Oh, looks like it’ll be fine with 8 GB of RAM” or “Maybe I’m doing more intensive things than I thought…” etc. etc…

Seeing these kinds of test results, rather than trusting the ones that spring from benchmark numbers, could help people feel more confident about choosing the honey that’s right for them, without going overboard.

Has anyone ever seen something like this?

Edit: Well, that was crazy timing… Just saw this thread from @iGeneo, which talks about the whole obsession with benchmarks, etc… Good discussion!

Jose C. Birney