Microsoft Survey Reveals Senior Leaders Are Inflexible About Office Work

Executives are increasingly adamant about work in person despite the emergence of a new coronavirus subvariant.

The survey shows that 50% of employers currently require or plan to require employees to be in the office full-time.

Although worker expectations have changed over the past few years and the commitment to antiquated work operations has led to the Great Resignation, some leaders are determined to return to pre-pandemic normality.

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Fifty-two percent of employees surveyed said they were considering finding a remote or hybrid job. Additionally, 54% of middle managers said senior management was not in touch with employees, but 74% lacked the influence to make changes to their employees.

More so, the survey showed that remote positions attract 2.6 times more views and nearly three times more applicants than in-person jobs.

In 2021, around 18% of people left their jobs for a variety of reasons, including personal well-being, mental health, lack of flexibility and fear of contracting Covid-19.

In recent weeks, state and local governments have reiterated Covid-related safety measures as health officials warn of rising cases driven by the new Sub-variant of Omicron BA.2. Although the severity of the subvariant is still unclear, officials estimate that it is 30% more transmissible than Omicron, but potentially less severe in terms of actual disease.

Jose C. Birney