Honeywell launches Occupant Experience apps as employees return to office work

Multinational conglomerate Honeywell has launched a suite of Occupant Experience apps to help owners and tenants of high-end commercial buildings reap the benefits of a hybrid office space today.

The app’s features analyze occupant behavior and space usage patterns to improve worker comfort, convenience and collaboration, putting them in control as they return to the office post-pandemic.

It identifies areas for improvement.

Many employees return to the office at least a few days a week. In the Latest investigation into Property Council of Australia office occupancyoffice occupancy increased by at least 12% in all Australian capitals from May to June 2022.

Adelaide and Brisbane experienced peak occupancy days that reached 80% and 73% respectively. These numbers are expected to remain high as hybrid work arrangements become the norm.

Honeywell’s Occupant Experience Suite, including Honeywell Remote Building Supervisor, with an Occupant Experience Dashboard and Occupant Experience App powered by the Sine Pro mobile platform, highlights the following features and benefits

Creating value for building owners and facility managers

  • Gain valuable insight into the occupant experience by soliciting feedback on safety, security, building health, cleanliness, and collaboration
  • Access tools to show tenants how the building supports a great occupant experience and creates an environment conducive to efficiency, productivity and collaboration
  • Improve property value with technology assets that can meet current and future needs

Provide better insight to employers and tenants

  • Help employees adapt to hybrid work schedules and protocols with scheduling tools, frictionless entry options, and space utilization analytics that avoid clutter
  • Leverage tools to make employees feel heard by providing easy feedback channels
  • Provide office experiences focused on teamwork and collaboration to encourage a positive return to the office
  • Use space utilization tools to accommodate employee populations
  • Ensure productivity, collaboration, and retention goals are being met with easy-to-read, well-organized dashboards and real-time occupant experience indexes

Create a seamless experience for office workers

  • Take more control over their office experience, including direct access to adjust temperature and lighting through a readily available app that also provides frictionless visitor check-in and management, eliminating the need for badges or cards -keys
  • Submit mobile requests on the go to facility managers regarding maintenance, safety and quality of life factors
  • Engage directly with facilities personnel to resolve construction experience issues

“At a time when competition for talent is fierce and the focus is on personal well-being, the occupant experience will continue to grow in importance as more and more employees return to offices and workers set higher expectations for the environments they spend time in. – the need to create a place where employees want to go is key,” said Udaya Shrivastava, interim vice president of Honeywell Building Technologies and Chief Technology Officer.

“We have already launched and field-tested these tools at our new Honeywell headquarters in Charlotte to help us deliver an unparalleled occupant experience that promotes the well-being of our employees and guests.”

At Honeywell’s new headquarters in Charlotte, Occupant Experience makes it easy for employees to move around campus. Sensors, cameras and biometrics-based access control create a touchless experience. Using the Sine app, an employee can park their car in the garage, pass lobby security, access elevators, and enter their desired office space without touching a single surface.

Gone is the need to fish out bags or pockets for key fobs, badges or keys. Once in the office, employees can adjust temperature and lighting controls in conference rooms and workspaces to their desired comfort while instantly notifying any office conditions that require the attention of facilities management personnel via the Occupant Experience app.

“Honeywell’s innovative technology gives tenants visibility into returning worker behavior and can help tenants optimize their use of space, improve employee well-being and productivity, and identify opportunities to improve how their employees spend their working days in the office,” said Paul Dougherty, President and Chief Investment Officer of PRP.

“From the perspective of our tenants, the more people have digital services to make their life in the office easier and more rewarding, the more efficient they are and the more they enjoy their work. And the more they love their job, the more engaged they are in their business. It’s about creating smart offices that are sustainable, comfortable, healthy, modern, equipped with digital services and simply more pleasant to work in.


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