Goldman Sachs employees rebel against office work

Photo: Michael Nagle/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The Goldman Sachs bad boys have found their move: Just Say No to 5-0.

The New York To post notes that the company’s junior bankers are jostling online about company policy by calling them back to the office five days a week. (“5-0” means five days in the office and zero days at home – got it?) “No one wants to be 5-0,” a staffer wrote on the Blind message board, which requires a work email to log in. and leans toward the engineers, tech types, and now Goldman Sachs employees who are likely to be laid off.

For once, we stand with our neighbors shorn and invested in this big mall we call life: Hell no, 5-0.

5-0? We just won’t go.

While there is talk of quitting in the rebellion – the heavily thought-out population on Blind is also the population most likely to make more money elsewhere – the fire of solidarity may have found its spark with others: “They should organize and not collectively go to the office,” someone from Oracle suggested. (“THIS IS COMMUNISM,” replied a Goldman Sachs employee.)

We’d love to meet our Goldman neighbors for a shot (and hear everything they want to say about their bosses) if we can pick a day when we’re all in. Nope ?

Jose C. Birney